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Haydn's L'Isola Disabitata

  • Isola Disabitata Cover Page

    Prepared for City Concert Opera
    August, 2007

  • Download the score:
    Part 1 (.pdf)
    Part 2 (.pdf)
    Vocal Score (.pdf)

    For performing material, write to me.

Resources and Goodies

Chaikovskii Symphony #2
Parts for the cut section of the finale (.pdf)

Although the score to the original version of this symphony is in print, every published edition of the the parts lack the sections Chaikovskii cut in the final version. These parts may be pasted into the performing material to restore the original music.

Claudio Monteverdi
Chiavette version of the mass in 4 voices (1650) (.pdf)

This score presents Monteverdi's famous Mass in four voices transposed down a fifth from every printed edition. This followes the standard practice of the time of composing music in systems of clefs allowing for easy transposition, and it is the most likely method of performance of this mass.

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Animated Short "Musical Inversion"
A little project I did to practice flash. Quite boring.